A brief history of Indonesia teak wood plantations

Teak wood plantations are usually found in more developed areas and have a much longer presence in the landscape, dating from before Independence (under Dutch colonization) in many cases; they are therefore much less associated to negative environmental impact, and their contributions to local development through the provision of jobs or environmental services are acknowledged.

Intermediary institutions have already proved their effectiveness in the Javanese context with teak wood plantations, and could be mainstreamed with support from the government.

MerryJAM is proud to say that our ready-made standard furniture is 95% made of solid teak plantation wood from central Java, Indonesia (5% metal furniture hardware and teak veneer when solid hardwood is not feasible). They all come with the Indonesia Legal Wood certification.

We do care.

Teak plantations

Teak lumbers

Kiln-dried plain sawn teak wood

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